Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flying My Way out of the Dark

My thoughts flew as high
as the mountains scrapping the sky              
and down as deep
as the seas swirling wild;     
I lay there thinking of days
that had pulled me into the dark
and  days  that had turned me
as wild as the storm.

I felt I could burn the dark ,
and lit up my day right away
but depths of my deepened dark
wins over the light and closes the  way
More as the dark surrounds me 
I struggle to break its walls
I struggle to pull in the glow;
But lost I was- within the shallow trodden path.

but my heart thrives up
beating the dark
hoping for the light to come back
with its majestic power of glow
and fill in my soul.

My joy would then flow
gushing out as the  wild waves of the  sea
and passing over the high mountains
and there- my wings of joy
would take its flight into the sky
and I would fly away from the dark,
out into the deep blue sky...

The Secret Path of Life

Knew not where we start
  Knew not where we go
Long decided was the fate
  As the path we took to go
Long decided was the end
  As the journey we started to go
There comes the guider ,
   In the guise of time
It opens the treasures
  When we sway in line with time
Crossing the paths of shallow and
   Dancing on the paths of joy.
Lost  is the path, lost is the joy
  Lost are we in the journey to sway.
There comes the guider to say,
  Reached are we, to the
Long destined journey and there
  Lays the path of eternity to hug you
So says the guider with a smile and fades away.