Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Secret Path of Life

Knew not where we start
  Knew not where we go
Long decided was the fate
  As the path we took to go
Long decided was the end
  As the journey we started to go
There comes the guider ,
   In the guise of time
It opens the treasures
  When we sway in line with time
Crossing the paths of shallow and
   Dancing on the paths of joy.
Lost  is the path, lost is the joy
  Lost are we in the journey to sway.
There comes the guider to say,
  Reached are we, to the
Long destined journey and there
  Lays the path of eternity to hug you
So says the guider with a smile and fades away.


  1. Hey valar! first of all... welcome to blogsville! :)

    'guider in guise of time' and 'path of eternity hug you'... really great thoughts there... superb! :)

    have a great journey in here...
    my best wishes! :)

  2. Awesome lines ever said :)
    Keep going :)

  3. hey samee kalakku:)))great thoughts di!!the way yo told is too good:))Keep up!!

  4. 'Long destined journey' and 'Path of eternity' - The choice of words are not only beautiful, but these words can be written only by a very thoughtful person. Congrats on that brilliant start in blogosphere...

    Destination Infinity